Home Tab
HomeTab is a smart extension that connects your browser with your Android device.
Once connected, HomeTab learns your routine and evolves to present accurate suggestions and predictions personalized especially for you. HomeTab adapts itself to every user differently in order to deliver a tailor made experience like no other. (iOS and Windows coming soon)

Home Base
HomeBase is an innovative, fully customizable welcome screen that enriches and monetizes apps.
By introducing a new way for users to access and explore content and apps on their mobile device, HomeBase increases your app's engagement level while providing you a new revenue stream and opportunities. HomeBase is the place where everything is happening. Be a part of it.


Need an end to end solution for your download portal?
Integrate HomeTab with our download management tools to promote your mobile services and improve your site's monetization.
Create true synergy between your platforms
Create true synergy between your platforms

Are you getting the most out your mobile download traffic?
Connect HomeBase with our mobile download manager to increase monetization and improve your offerings on the web.
Maximize your brand's engagement level.
Maximize your brand's engagement level

Provide real user value in a world of connected devices

Defined as “a creation of a whole greater than the sum of its individual parts”, Synergy is what's motivating us.
While our tools work amazingly by themselves, they work even better together! If you have download traffic on the web as well as on mobile, we'll help you make your mobile and web products connect, promote each other and monetize more effectively. Enjoy Synergy.