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Widdit's Unified Privacy Policy,
Last Updated March 25, 2013.

This Unified Privacy Policy, for the Widdit Services is provided to you in order to better understand Widdit and the ways it uses your personal information.

Widdits develops various software components, which may be distributed either bundled with 3rd parties or as independent software.

Where Widdit's software is bundled by other developers inside their application, and Widdit's software does not control their application, nor has the control of its specific privacy policy.

Moreover, Widdit is not liable for the software which was bundled with it, and does cannot inspect it. However, if you believe that the bundled software invades your privacy, contact us so that we can inspect it.

Widdit respects your privacy and takes it seriously. Therefore, it employs privacy experts, has periodical audits and takes complaints seriously. If, for some reason, you believe that someone invaded your privacy, do let Widdit know so it can take action to ratify the issue.

What Personal Information Is Retained By Widdit?
Personal Information is considered information that may be used to identify you. Usually, it's just your name, phone and address, but at Widdit we treat all information that may identify you as critical and sensitive, and keep it safe.

Widdit's services vary and retain different kinds of information.

When you install Widdit's software on your computer, it may retain your search history , your browsing history, your IP address, your browser and operating system version and your approximate geolocation.

When you install Widdit's software on your mobile device, it may retain your hashed IMEI as a unique device identifier, your android device ID, your IP address, your exact geolocation, your social media accounts and social networks, your call history, your text messages, your photos and contacts.

What Non-Personal Information Is Retained By Widdit?
Non-Personal Information is less sensitive, but may also tell quite a lot about you. Moreover, in some cases, Non-Personal information may be used to deduce more information about you. Widdit protects this information and does not share it without your specific consent.

Widdit does store some non-personally identifiable information meant for statistical purposes, such as your use of the services, preferences or non-personally identifiable information. Specifically, when you install Widdit's software on your operating system, installed browser versions, random ID, your recently viewed pages, your usage of the services and other non-identifiable information.

When you install Widdit's software on your mobile device, it may retain a list of your installed applications, your phone Operating System and model, your behavior, your WiFi network, your mobile carrier and a list of the songs you listened to.

Who Has Access to Your Information?
Widdit discloses some of the information to selected third parties, to provide you with its services. For example, If you use the weather widget, your geolocation will be provided to the weather service provider. If you use Homebase's search widget, the search provider may collect information about your device through the browser.

Also, Widdit's employees, who are under strict confidentiality obligations, have access to some of your personal information.

Can Widdit Contact You?
Widdit will never, but never, send you spam and other unsolicited messages and will never sell your contact information to spammers.

Widdit may contact you with notifications and updates about the service, and may contact you to improve the services.

Please keep in mind that some of Widdit's affiliates, such as its distributors, may use the Widdit Services to send you push notifications and other messages.

How Is The Information Used?
The Information you provided is used solely to provide you with Homebase's services and display advertisements.

How can you review your stored information?
Yes. You can always send an email to and request to review your personal information.

What To Do If You Feel Your Privacy Was Invaded?
Widdit employs a staff just to make you feel safe. If you feel that either Widdit's Software or one of the apps utilizing it invades your privacy, do contact us at Our privacy specialists will investigate the complaint and provide you a response within a week.

Widdit may amend this privacy policy from time to time, in order to adapt to future services. However, no amendment shall have retroactive effect without your specific consent.